Day Spa Sevices

Skin Care Treatments
Elemental Nature Facial (50 min) $75 - The Aveda Elemental nature facials create balance for the skin by helping guests to determine their true nature. We then design a treatment to restore skin to its true potential.
Mini Nature Facial (30 min) $55 - This express AVEDA facial is a quick pick-me-up for your complexion. All products are customized to meet the needs of your skin and to achieve the best results. This spa service includes facial cleansing, light exfoliation, mini facial massage, treatment masque and moisturizer. Good for all skin types.
Ultimate Face and Body (90 min) $125 - This head-to-toe experience is designed for total relaxation and skin rejuvenation that will leave you and your skin looking refreshed and alive. 
Men’s Facial $75 - This facial provides specialized treatment for men’s unique skin problems. Let our experts customize it to your individual needs–cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating for instant results.
Acne Facial $75 - Aveda's Outer Peace Acne Relief skincare treatment is a four-step regimen that has a 92% success rate in four weeks. This is achieved by combination of treatments. The Outer Peace Facial will feature these products, along with deep exfoliation to clean pores, followed by the cooling masque to reduce redness, irritation, and oil production. Using this four-step system every morning and evening along with the treatments every two weeks for the first six weeks will give you its maximum results. This facial is extremely effective for teen acne and also adult acne conditions!
Skin Care Treatments
Glycolic Peel $75
Green Science $75
Enbrightenment $85
Body Treatments
Salt Glow (60 min) $85 - Used with Aveda Aqua Therapy formula, which includes beneficial salts from the Dead Sea, this exfoliation is perfect for rough or dry patched skin. Long effleurage motions are used in the full body application of this detoxifying body treatment. Your skin is left with a young and healthy glow.

Herbal Sea Detoxify Wrap (90 min) $95 - This special Aveda formula is made from natural herbal and sea nutrients rich in vitamins and minerals. We apply a layer all over the body and wrap the client in a space blanket, which allows the herbal formula to rid the body of toxins created from stress, preservatives, medication, and polluted environments. In addition, this process flushes fluids from your system, restores minerals throughout the body and increase tone. Complete with a scalp and face massage, and a refreshing shower afterwards.